Approaching Women Distracted by Their Computers or Phones

Approaching Women Distracted by Their Computers or Phones

Approaching women isn’t as simple as it used to be.

If you walk into a coffee shop, restaurant, bar, or club, chances are, at least a third of the women are on their cellphones or other electronic devices.

And because they’re so tuned in to what’s going on in their virtual world, they may be missing out on everything that’s around them- including the fact that nice guys like you may be interested in having a conversation with them.

Don’t feel bad if you approach a woman on some sort of technological device, unless she’s talking on the phone.

This is the only exception where it would be best to wait until she hung up.

But if a woman is simply texting or typing, there’s no reason why you can’t approach her.

Don’t think you’re a hindrance or interrupting something important, because you’re just making assumptions at this point.

If a woman you’re attracted to is super tuned into one of her devices, go up to her and say “Excuse me. Do you have a minute?” with a kind smile on your face.

If she responds in a rude or snappy way and tells you she’s busy, then it’s safe to assume that she isn’t receptive to talking to you today.

But if you approach like this, there’s a strong chance she may give you the time of day, because you’re being polite and kind.

If she gives you an opportunity to talk, make your approach short and sweet.

This is a theme I try emphasize in many of my course articles.

Simply tell her you spotted her from across the room and you couldn’t help notice how beautiful she looked, and that you’d be interested in having coffee with her sometime.

Then either give her your name/number or get hers.

If we all waited for everyone to stop texting or typing on their computers, we would never get the opportunity to talk to anyone.

We live in a very productive-driven world where we feel we have to be busy all the time.

Don’t let technology get in the way between you and true love!

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