Flirting 101: Mastering The Art Of The Pick Up

Flirting 101: Mastering the Art of the Pick Up

There’s so much literature out there that talks about mastering the art of the pick-up while failing to define with that actually means.

For your convenience, here’s a short list of results you should see once you’ve mastered the art of picking up women.

  • A woman feels beautiful and desired by you. She feels as though you really see her for the woman she’s become and that you’re completely enamored by who she is.
  • A woman feels intoxicated under the gaze of your desire, to the point where she strongly associates that feeling with you and becomes addicted to your presence because it feels so good.
  • A woman feels respected and respects you for the man you’ve become too. She regards you as intelligent, strong, and masculine. She understands your time is valuable, so she won’t lead you on with games or do things like friend-zone you.
  • A woman shares the vision that you have in your head; she thinks the two of you have potential and is willing to give it a shot.

How can you influence a woman to think and feel these things?

It’s a combination of skill, compatibility, and a bit of luck.

Throughout these courses, you’ll learn what you need to do to make the most out of your flirting style, how to invest in women that are best for you, and the best places to meet available women to connect with.

Having great game doesn’t make you immune to rejection, but it does give you a greater sense of self-respect so that it doesn’t hurt as much.

First things first though, to make a woman feel as great as I explained in these bullet points, you first have to love yourself.

You have to take pride in who you are now as a person, accepting everything in your life has a stepping stone that has had to happen to be strong man you are today.

You have to have dealt with any toxic shame you still carry so that you can be emotionally available for a new relationship.

Only after you do this can you attract the things you want for yourself without unintentionally self-sabotaging.

Mastering the art of the pick-up means being able to see the beauty in someone despite their flaws and quirks, so it’s essential for you to learn to do this for yourself first.

And once your confidence starts to set in about YOU, you can genuinely connect with women better and make them feel as though your communication is sincere.

This is something they may not be used to from other men, so you’ll stand out from your competition as a strong, suave, classy man.

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