How To Be A Better Lover

How to Be a Better Lover

Do you think you’re a good lover?

A good way to tell is if old girlfriends or flings hit you up to have sex again, even after your relationship has fizzled out.

But what exactly makes a good lover?

Women are all different when it comes to sexuality, so is there anything the best lovers have in common?

For your convenience, here is a short list of traits and skills to work at to become a better lover:

  1. The woman’s pleasure/orgasm is a priority of yours: Many men make the mistake of having sex in a way that specifically pleasures them while completely ignoring the needs of the woman. To stand out from others, make your woman’s pleasure a priority of yours.


  1. You consider how she wants to have sex and try to meet half way if your interests are a little different: For instance, if she tells you she wants to start off slow, do that. You can always go faster and deeper later.


  1. You don’t forget to kiss and caress her: Some men get so caught up in the “mechanics” of sex that they neglect the soulful aspect of it. Be sure to kiss her, look her eyes, and make her feel more than just a piece of meat when you have sex with her.


  1. If she talks dirty to you, you aren’t just quiet: I understand not all men feel comfortable talking dirty, but it’s something you’re going to need to master if the woman you’re interested in has a thing for dirty talk. I elaborate more on this in another article in this course.


  1. You make her feel as though her body is absolutely flawless and gorgeous: Make sure that you give her genuine compliments as the two of you are getting naked. This is a great way to help her feel more relaxed and comfortable with you.


  1. You aren’t judgmental if she wants to try things a bit outside your comfort zone: Even if she has interests that are bit different than your own, don’t be afraid to try them. Who knows- you may end up really liking what she exposes you to.


  1. You don’t ask for excessive praise- Some men use sex as an opportunity to get excessive praise about their bodies, constantly asking women WHY they’re having sex with them and how their body is superior than other men’s. After a while, this can make the most interested woman feel awkward. Don’t ask for excessive praise before or during sex, and don’t ask for reviews of your performance afterward.


  1. Your hygiene is spectacular- Make sure that you’re completely clean and groomed in a way that you makes you feel comfortable before sex. The most important things are how you taste and smell. If you always make sure that you’re completely fresh before sex, this woman will begin to associate you as a great lover.
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