How To Be A Great Conversationalist

How to be a great conversationalist

People in general appreciate great conversationalists.

To qualify as this, you must be confident in your communication style YET adaptable to the communication style of others.

You must learn how to take the lead when there are awkward pauses or silences and take the conversation a different course.

It’s the same thing as being a good kisser.

All this means is that you can easily adapt to other people’s styles and lose yourself in them.

Being a great conversationalist is like second-nature for some people and a skill that’s slowly built over several years for others.

Either way, practice will make you much better at being able to talk to anyone.

I remember two years ago, I was an Uber driver in Los Angeles trying to make ends meet.

There was a significant improvement in my ability to communicate with strangers before and after that year I drove for Uber because of all the practice I had talking to people each day.

To become a better conversationalist, challenge yourself to strike up a conversation with a stranger every day.

Here are some great ways to begin a conversation:

  • How’s your day going so far?
  • Is it your first time here?
  • What do you recommend around here?

Some women make the task of having a decent conversation difficult because they don’t say much back to you and essentially make you do all the work.

If you find yourself in this situation, just make sure you don’t take it personally.

She’s clearly either preoccupied or has poor communication skills.

If you don’t see the quality of your conversations improving over time, it may be a sign that you should date somebody else.

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