What Kind Of Guys Get Laid The Most?

What Kind of Guys Get Laid the Most

Sometimes it seems like some guys have all the luck.

But it’s not really luck that helps them get laid- it’s their approach.

If you’re wondering what kind of guys get laid the most, it’s guys that basically do these things:

  1. They put themselves in situations where they’re likely to meet a lot of women. After all, getting laid is a number’s game, and you increase your odds if you put yourself out there more.
  1. They appear confident when they approach women. Whether they are or not on the inside is a different story, but their demeanor is cool and collected, helping the woman they’re interested in feel more at ease.
  1. They know how to talk to women. The conversation goes back and forth like a dance, and they begin to establish an intimate rhythm with the woman.
  1. They know when to quit. Men that put themselves out there simply for the purposes of having sex know that it’s impossible that ALL women or even most will want to sleep with them. If they approach a woman and right away they sense she isn’t interested, they don’t try and force anything. They peacefully end the interaction and try again with the same amount of enthusiasm with a different woman.
  1. They know how to strike a balance of seeming interested but not overly eager. They don’t come across as desperate, but as men that are simply open to an interaction with a beautiful lady.
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