What Do Women Really Think About Pick-Up Lines?

What do women really think about pick-up lines?

Creating positive first impressions are important to every kind of relationship.

However, some guys end up trying too hard, giving a different impression than they’d intended, and end up sabotaging their chances with a woman.

Here’s where they mess up.

When they looked across the room and decided they were interested in a particular woman, the whole basis of their attraction was still limited to non-verbal interaction.

Meaning, they took on a feeling of interest while still not even hearing the woman speak.

A good first impression is often non-verbal.

Sometimes people are attractive to begin with because of how they take care of their appearance and how they carry themselves.

The same is true for women.  Communication is 90% body language.

So before you approach a woman you’re trying to connect with, be sure to feel comfortable in your own skin and be yourself.

You can prove you are comfortable with yourself and therefore confident enough to date by doing the following things when you first introduce yourself:

  • Make eye contact
  • Stand up straight
  • Keep open body language (don’t cross your arms in front of you)
  • Smile
  • Nod and lean in to what she says
  • Wear clothes that you know are comfortable and flattering so you aren’t fidgeting around in them or feeling self-conscious

Another way to create a first impression on a woman, although not always the best way, is to tell a pick-up line.

The way women receive pick-up lines totally depends on the type of woman, her sense of humor, and what place in life you find her in.

However, for most women, pick-up lines imply that you either don’t take them seriously (you’re probably more interested in a quick lay) or you’re not really comfortable in your own skin.

The odds of nailing a good first impression are much better if you to try to gauge interest by asking a question that’s appropriate for the situation.

For instance, if you’re at a concert, ask her if it’s her first time seeing the band.

If you’re at a bar, ask her if she’d like a drink.

Here are some final notes on approaching women:

1 – When you approach, study her body language. It will save you time and verbal rejection if you feel she is not receptive to conversation. It may not even be personal. You never know if she JUST got out of a bad relationship so she may not have the energy or positivity to pursue one with you.Check onlinroulette.de.

2 – That being said, never force anything. If she’s not interested the first few minutes, she won’t suddenly become interested. Just think of how your attraction to women works. You can’t control who you’re attracted to.

3 – And finally, if nothing in this article resonated with you about focusing on the non-verbal cues and you decide to go with pick-up lines, try using some of the ones below. If you’re a naturally silly person and want to attract someone like you in that sense, pick-up lines may actually be a good way to go. Just make sure they’re respectful and at least slightly funny.

  • “Hey, my name is __________but you can call me butter…cuz I’m on a roll.”
  • “Hi. Wow, are you a lazer? Cuz you’re stunning.
  • “Are you a 90 degree angle? Cuz you’re looking right.”
  • “Whoa whoa, good thing I brought my library card, so I can check YOU out!”

Happy Hunting!

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