Things To Expect When You Date Online

Things to Expect When You Date Online

Just about twenty years back, dating people online was definitely not the norm.

Now, up to 40% of relationships begin online.

Like with every new trend, there are distinctive norms that follow it.

Here are some things to expect when you’re dating online so that you aren’t taken away by surprise:

  • Many women won’t respond to your messages, and it’s not personal. Many people create a dating site and only log in once in a while…others create it and forget about it all together. That being said, to make your profile stand out, keep this norm in mind…
  • Your profile picture matters. It should be bold enough to stand out from the others and really represent you. Your profile picture should capture you at your most handsome angle because it’s going to ultimately be what makes women click on your profile and keep coming back.
  •  There are some fake profiles out there, so be careful. There’s this phenomenon known as “catfishing” (and an entire MTV show dedicated to it). For many reason, some people lie entirely about their identities online…sometimes it’s to get you to give them money. Other times it’s because they’re a member of the opposite sex and they want to test the waters of flirting with the same sex because they aren’t sure of their sexual orientation. Either way, it’s smart to keep your eyes peeled for possible “catfish,” aka imposters.
  • Just like in real life, it’s still not really standard for men to be extremely forward about their sexual interests. If you start off by sending a woman a message that clearly shows you’re only interested in sex, you may not got a response at all (unless you’re on a website that’s specifically for hook ups). Studies show that most women are not online to hook up.
  • Once you meet someone you like, remember to take down your online profile. If you keep it up after the third or fourth date, the woman you date might not think you’re really serious about her.
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