Three Things To Remember When Picking Up Women At Clubs

Three Things to Remember When Picking Up Women at Clubs

Picking up women at bars and clubs can be a bit intimidating at times, especially when there is so much competition.

If you notice, places like these usually have a much higher ratio of men than women.

It’s because spots like these usually imply short-term flings, something that many women just aren’t interested in.

To make your experience a bit easier as it pertains to picking up women and bars and clubs, it’s important to remember the following things:

  • Sometimes, women are just there to have fun with their friends. This, combined with the fact that there are often more men at these places than women, makes it a bit more challenging to get laid, right? Yet there are hundreds of men who get laid at these places every night. So what are they doing right? You can find out more about this in my next article.
  • You can try buying her a drink, but that doesn’t guarantee anything. A better way to gauge her interest is to have an interesting conversation with her. Sure, it’s probably a bit of a challenge because of the volume, so try leading her to where it’s a bit quieter. Women love it when men take initiative and make them feel special.
  • The less creepy you are, the better. Women are used to having their guard up at clubs because of the sheer amount of weirdos that there are. From men leering at them to having to watch their drinks so they don’t get roofied, women can feel a bit more defensive than usual at clubs. Therefore, it’s crucial to seem as less creepy as possible. This means don’t stare at her in a way that makes her uncomfortable, or at least don’t let her catch you staring at her.


Instead, if you genuinely find her attractive, go up and talk to her.

If she gives you a dirty look when you’re approaching, just stop yourself.

Because of the volume in these places, it’s going to be in your best interest to take note of her body language much more than what she says.

There are lots of things to know about picking up women at clubs, but these are the top three things to remember so that you don’t take the probable chance of rejection personally.

Notice how I am writing this to an entire audience of men, not one specifically.

This is because men in general can expect to be rejected by women at bars or clubs.

But you greatly increase your chances of finding success if you read the rest of the articles in this course.

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