What A Woman’s Legs Will Tell You

What a Woman’s Legs Will Tell You

Lots of body language literature is created to explain what the upper body is doing without giving much insight into legs and feet.

You can tell a lot about a woman from glancing at her legs, although you should definitely keep in mind not to stare and to only look sparingly.

Here are some things you can learn based off what a woman is doing with her legs and feet:

  1. If she’s point her feet in your direction this is a good sign, because it indicates that she’s present and engaged in your company. However, if her feet are pointing towards the door, it could be a sign that she wants to leave. [Note: If she came with you to a particular event, it may not be you she wants to leave, but the actual event]. Basically, in many instances, someone’s feet pointing towards the door mean that they aren’t having a good time.


  1. If she moves her legs a lot while she’s talking to you and the two of you are seated, she may feel attracted to you, excited by your presence, and possibly nervous *in a good way. The opposite is also true: if she keeps her legs firmly closed or crossed and doesn’t move them at all except to possibly cross them again in a different position, she probably isn’t too comfortable with you.


  1. If she snakes her leg over your leg, she’s definitely attracted to you and willing to explore that. It’s also her way of marking you as her property if she does this in a public place.


  1. If you’re about to sit down next to a woman and she places her purse in between the two of you so that your thighs and legs have no chance of touching, she’s nonverbally communicating that she isn’t attracted or too comfortable with you.
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