What Women Look For In Men

What Women Look For in Men

Different women look for different things in men depending on how they’ve been raised, what their current values are, and who they feel may be most compatible for them.

So what appeals to one woman may be completely different from another.

Here’s a prime example.

Here are two ACTUAL quotes I’ve heard two different women say in real life:

“I like my boyfriend. I feel like I’m more attractive than him and have more things going for me, so I’m pretty sure he’ll never leave me.”

“I like to date guys that I feel are better looking than me. I like that challenge. I like dating guys that are more successful, wealthier, and just have their lives together.”

As you can see, a lot of what women look for in men actually says more about where they are in life and what kind of confidence they have.

Confident women will look for men that will challenge them, while women with a low self-esteem have a more of a “take what I can get” mindset.

The same could be true for men.

Other than women going for men based on how much self-worth they have, here are some other traits women are looking for in that special someone:

  1. A man they can get along with- Some men are harder to get along with than others, depending on their own personality or their perception of self-complexity. Women look for men they can have a good time with and that can possibly fulfill most of their mental, emotional, and physical needs.
  1. A man who will complement their existing traits. This is where women can be a little pickier. Not only do women evaluate personality, but it’s natural for them to wonder if your lifestyle fits theirs. In many cases, women still want to be a caregiver and be at home, so they’re looking for a guy with a solid job that will make this kind of life possible. In other cases, some women are perfectly content working and don’t place as much emphasis on your job. Women tend to think more long-term when it comes to dating, and basically ask themselves the question (ON THE FIRST DATE) can I see myself with this guy?
  1. A man who matches her desire for passion and lust. Relationships tend to roll smoother if the two people involved have more of a matched sex drive.
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